Derek Rogers
Linguist and phonetician

Personal details

I was born in 1939, am married, and took a BA in Modern Languages at Oxford in 1961. In 1998 I took the Certificate of Proficiency of the International Phonetic Association, and was awarded the only First Class in that year. In 2012 I took a Master's degree (with Merit) in linguistics at the University of Glasgow; my dissertation was on the phonology of a regional dialect of Modern Greek.

In the last few decades I have been a grammar-school teacher in the UK, a freelance teacher in Greece and Turkey, a junior manager and a software developer. I have been self-employed as a linguist and software developer since 1982.

I specialise in applying linguistic principles to the language-learning process, so that pupils can learn faster and more securely.

Languages (I taught myself all of these except French)

• French - degree standard
• German - Zertifikat Deutsch "sehr gut"
• Modern Greek - fluent conversationalist
• Spanish
• Turkish
• Portuguese
• Gaelic


• 'Illustrations of the IPA: Italian', Journal of the International Phonetic Association, 34, 1 (2004).


When not teaching or learning a language, I walk on the hills or play an unbelievable jazz piano (what a useful device ambiguity is!) Nice picture of Derek. Another nice picture...and another.

Contact details

• Email: Contact
• Address: 21 Ruskin Lane, Glasgow G12 8EA, UK