Supported self-study is the fastest and most rational way to learn a language

Derek Rogers' supported self-study language courses

  • Price £120 for five half-hour tuitions, one-to-one, face-to-face, with challenging self-study assignments.

  • No prior commitment - you pay the full amount after the first half-hour, but if the first half-hour doesn't suit you, you can withdraw then and owe nothing.

  • Courses in Spanish, Italian, Modern Greek, German, French, Turkish, Thai, Albanian and many other languages - just ask.

My courses are for people who want to feel confident about a foreign language:

My courses teach all the systems that make up your chosen language:

What will you be able to do when you finish?

Anything you want - you'll have the entire system of the language in your head. Many courses teach you topics - shopping, work, and so on - but my courses teach you the structures of the language. That means you can fill them with your own words, and talk about anything you choose.

Contact me now to learn a language
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